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The FAQ's

What exactly do you do?

I work with communications, specifically digital mediums of communication. I have a broad skill set, so I do a little bit of everything: social media management, email marketing, front-end web design & coding, content writing, and even a bit of graphic design now and then.

How did you start?

A lot of my skills come from hands-on training and experience, plus the great resources that are online (Codecademy, W3 schools, Mozilla developer networks). I’m thankful for the folks that have hired me and allowed my creative discovery of these skills, as it seems to have paid off.

Can I see your work?

You already have! was designed & coded by me, and the photos throughout the site are a sample of my photography. Explore this page to see some of my work and my strategies, and be sure to head over to my recent work with Woodland Presbyterian.

What I do

Social Management

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their friends.

Web Building

Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, and their friends.

All-inclusive Web Design

Need a website, but don’t have photos, content, or a vision? I can help.

Front-end web coding

Leave your old site behind with Justin Timberlake’s denim suit.

Digital Skills Workshops

Don’t let the computers take over your life anymore.

Basic Graphic Design

Better emails, bulletins, and fliers.



(609) 375-8271‬



Facebook: @michael.j.cuppett
Instagram: @michael_cuppett
Soundcloud: @michael-cuppett


Social Management

Woodland Presbyterian - Nashville (FB)
Woodland Presbyterian (Insta)

All-inclusive web design

Email Marketing